Dear Generation X, You Jelly? Love, Gen Y

Should we be offended by this?¬†I mean, I’m sure we should, at least a bit. Lazy? That’s original. The generation right before yours used to refer to you as the “productive and efficient” generation, right? Or does the term “slacker” ring a bell?…¬†Entitled? Narcissistic? Um…we’re in our fucking twenties and thirties. It’s not a generational […]

On Friends with Benefits

Whether you call them “friends with benefits,” “special friends,” or the always classy “fuck buddies,” it all pretty much amounts to the same thing: someone that can be called upon to satisfy sexual needs, but who doesn’t accept the title or responsibilities of a true romantic partner. They are good for taking care of, physiologically […]

Why Women Play Games

I read in Why Beautiful People Have More Daughters, an evolutionary psychology book, that women are generally less risk-taking than men because women have the natural inclination to care for and protect their offspring. This includes not engaging in risky behavior that may put an unborn child at risk. There is less evolutionary benefit to […]