The Worst Things You Can Buy on Groupon

In the American Groupon System, the company provides the deals, and the people buy the Groupons. Most of the deals are awesome, but there is a small faction of Groupon that is incomprehensible. These are their stories. Item Set of 3 Stainless Steel Wedding Bands Why It’s Terrible There is nothing wrong with choosing not to take […]


I AM A WOMAN OF FIRM BELIEFS. UNWAVERING, BOLD BELIEFS. MY BELIEFS ARE SO STRONG THAT THEY MUST BE WRITTEN IN CAPS LOC-okay wait, I’m sorry, that’s really annoying. I sincerely apologize. I started writing and then I didn’t realize- I didn’t know how annoying that would be. Sorry. I FIRMLY BELIEVE… Jeff Dunham is […]

My Deep, Dark Secrets

I’m pretty open about everything. By that I mean, I tell everything to anyone that’ll listen. But there are some things that don’t naturally come up..and a few I intentionally hold back. Anyway, I bet you didn’t know that… If you let me, I would play The Sims™ all day, everyday. I don’t even have […]