On Friends with Benefits

Whether you call them “friends with benefits,” “special friends,” or the always classy “fuck buddies,” it all pretty much amounts to the same thing: someone that can be called upon to satisfy sexual needs, but who doesn’t accept the title or responsibilities of a true romantic partner. They are good for taking care of, physiologically […]

Tears: Apparently a Renewable Resource

At some point the tears are supposed to stop, right? I have a feeling it shouldn’t take this long to adjust to the new normal. Yet, every time I think I’m making progress, here come the tears. From seemingly out of the blue. At first they were tears for myself. Why did I have to […]

A Stranger in Need (Is Still a Stranger)

July 14, in a moment of loneliness and desperation, I signed up with a dating site. Today I closed out my account. I only used the app when I was bored because each message I received supplied me with A) attention, or B) a chance to flex my superiority complex. I wasn’t making “connections” or […]