What This Is

The pieces of my life mean nothing to the world, to the universe, to the stars, to the dark matter, or the light matter. To the President, to the school principal, to the pothead, to the professional dancer, to the newborn baby, to the car mechanic, to the film critic, the pieces of my life are junk. To the newspaper editor, to the stock broker, to the daydreamer, to the ringmaster, to the psychiatrist, to the musician, they may have no worth. But to me they are precious.


Precious Junk is just a compilation of the “Best of Me” on a WordPress mixtape made just for you so you can know how I feel.

Precious Junk is my worries and plans and lessons and creations. A mixture of things I love and things I hate in an emulsion of Truth (as I deem it to be).

Precious Junk was made for you. It may mean nothing to you, but it’s everything to me.


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