DIY: Runway-Style Flower Sunglasses


Using Syl and Sam’s tutorial, I decided  to make a pair of sunglasses with flowers on the frame. Didn’t turn out too bad, if I do say so myself. Here are some pictures:


I bought the clay from Michael’s over the weekend. It’s sort of simulated stone colors, which was pretty perfect for this project, and was the only kind of clay on sale ($4.49)! Sometimes everything is lined up to go wrong, but sometimes things just work out.



These are the sunglasses I got from TJMaxx. They didn’t have a price tag on them so they charged me $6.99, which is fine by me.




I fashioned the clay into flowers (go to the tutorial if you want elaboration). I decided not to do too many different colors. I kept it to 3 kinds of flowers. Then I baked them to harden the clay.



In an effort to try to make the flowers a little less fragile, I put a little but of super glue on them. Not too much, I didn’t want them to be too glossy or lose their texture. But enough that I wasn’t gonna to worry about them turning to dust if I touched them.


After hot-gluing the flowers to the sunglass frame, the project came out looking like this. I’m happy with it.

Here’s what the Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses from last spring looked like:



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