Why the NCAA Tournament Was Worth Watching This Year

Bow chicka wow wow.

Louisville’s men’s basketball team this year was…quite enjoyable to watch. It’s not just me, right? I mean, that was a particularly hot team.


Why aren’t we talking about this more? Other teams had a player here and there, but Louisville? They scarcely had an unattractive player. And I guess they played well, if that’s important to you.

If the tournament went to whichever team made me bite my lip the most… Actually, can we do that? Is there someone I can write to about that? I’d watch.

And so well groomed, too. Nice haircuts, clean faces, white teeth. Even their tattoos were in just-the-sexy-places.

Mm. Well, I’m proud of ya. You boys won the tournament, and, as a bonus, I’ve written my cell number inside the doors of all of your lockers.

One last look. Ahhh.


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