Would You Date You?

If I met a man who was exactly like me (with the exception of being a straight man) would I date them? Probably not for long. I would probably tell him that:

1. Not everything is about you all the time. Work through your problems and then shut up about them. No one wants to be drawn into the struggles of someone who always has issues. Not to mention, you would learn so much more if you stopped talking about yourself and listened to someone else.

2. Don’t tell me what I’m doing wrong, tell me how what I do makes you feel bad. While we’re at it, recognize that nobody’s perfect and sometimes you don’t need warmer weather, just thicker skin.

3. Stop pushing. Pushing people away is the easiest thing in the world. Why not try pulling people in, if for no other reason than “there’s a first time for everything?”

4. Seriously, nobody is spending their days and nights thinking bad thoughts about you. Stop being so sensitive.

5. Stop half-assing life. Jump in with both feet. Chase something uncatchable. Fail at something. Stare into the sun. At least you’ll be able to tell yourself and anyone else who asks that you went all in. That doesn’t mean trying to tackle everything at once. It just means doing things well and passionately. Life isn’t all or nothing. Don’t try hard to do everything, but try hard to do something.

6. Be your own reason to act. Too often you don’t do things unless someone gives you a reason to care about doing it. Make an effort to look nice because you feel good when you like nice. Stay organized because you sleep better in a clean room. External influences shouldn’t be given more weight than your own piece of mind.

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