Atlanta_75.85What follows is one of the memories I have no use for, no one to share with, but that amuses me nonetheless.

Two friends and I are in a car. One friend mentions someone he knows that just went to jail.

1: He got locked up for robbing a toy store, stealing Christmas presents for his kids. Can you believe that? They locked him up and all he was doing was trying to get presents for his KIDS at CHRISTMAS. That’s terrible.

-5 seconds of silence-

2: What the hell are you talking about? He stole Christmas presents? Of course he’s going to jail for that!

1: But, I mean, come on. It was for his kids…at Christmas.

2: It doesn’t matter what the fuck it was for! He stole, he went to jail. Case closed!

1: Well… yeah, I guess if you look at it that way…

This memory always make me laugh. He was maybe another 3 seconds away from getting away with a crazy evaluation of that scenario. Ah, well. File that under “M” for mind junk.

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