Wedding Show Season!


Some people love spring because of the weather. Others love it for the rebirth of nature. Some love the fashion. Me? Well, come April you can just stick me in front of a TV set to WE or TLC, because I LOVE wedding shows!

It’s almost ironic. I’ve never really understood or approved of the institution of marriage. But I’ve always understood and approved of a big cake, a pretty dress, and being surrounded by everyone you love. Getting married is the single most conventional act a woman can commit. I’d like to think I’m independent enough, progressive enough, and practical enough in the future to avoid being sucked in to society’s last formal vestige of female proprietorship. I’d like to think that. I really would like to. But then David Tutera happens. Say Yes to the Dress happens. I see ceiling drapes and fresh flowers and signature drinks and live bands and think… “aw, shit.”

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