Understandings Received Before a Summer Storm


A few weeks ago I sat outside. It was just about to rain. The air was thick and humid, but still gave way to a cool and occasional breeze.

I sat cross-legged in the driveway on a blue towel. I closed my eyes and breathed in deeply. I tried to take in every sound, every smell, every feeling. I opened my eyes and looked to the white sky. I was looking for the answers I’m certain the world offers each of us if only we’d listen. Here’s what I concluded from this experience:

1. I am part of the world. Understanding other beings separate from you are also alive is a quality unique to humans. But living in that moment I began to feel the life around me. I stated to think maybe my existence could extend beyond my own physical body. Perhaps I could draw others into my life force.

2. The world gives to all who are willing to receive. What does the world give exactly? Experience. We can do with it whatever we want to.

3. Not everything is good or bad. Some things just are. After a few minutes ants began to crawl on my legs. I decided not to brush them off. Why should I? What were they doing that was so wrong? What was the worst they could do? They might bite me. Then what? It would pinch for a bit, then go away. Everything that hurts will eventually go away. Don’t try to control everything. Let things be sometimes. Live and let live.

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