Why Women Play Games

I read in Why Beautiful People Have More Daughters, an evolutionary psychology book, that women are generally less risk-taking than men because women have the natural inclination to care for and protect their offspring. This includes not engaging in risky behavior that may put an unborn child at risk. There is less evolutionary benefit to female humans being thrill-seekers than to male humans.

So there’s you answer. Women play games in relationships and devise tests for men because our instincts say that we can’t afford to linger in a relationship with a mate who can’t provide, or won’t be around for very long.

But wait! you say, to put men through tests scares them off. You set men up to fail. Not really. If you can pass the test(s) then you will. If not, you just didn’t make the cut. All of this reasoning comes from the mind of an actual bona fide female human, namely me.

Now, why do men play games? That’s the real question.

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