The Almost-Epiphany

I’m standing on the verge of an understanding. It’s almost an epiphany, but I haven’t quite gotten it yet. Isn’t that strange? To be staring at the truth and still not be able to see it completely?

I’m always upset that he and I aren’t together now. What I fail to realize it that we were once together, whether it was a proper relationship or not. We were best friends. We laughed. We laughed a lot. I have so many great memories of the two of us. I love those memories. If I never see him again, and I probably won’t see him again, I will always have the smiles he caused and the happiness that only he could bring in times I thought I would never be happy again.

So…it seems…petty…to be sad that we will never have our time. We did have our time. He helped me grow in so many ways. And I know I helped him. The friendship, then, isn’t over…it’s more like it’s completed. We did it. Maybe we just had nothing left to learn from one another. Or maybe we’ll meet again as different people having learned from the experience of living apart. I don’t know. All I know is, I’m grateful, so grateful, that we two met. That a boy from Georgia and a girl from DC happened to pick the same college in Pennsylvania, and the same group of friends, and clicked.

So this is the truth that I’m holding in my hands. It should make me un-sad. It’s making me less sad. But at least I have it in my grasp. I’ll just keep looking at it. One day I’ll get it.

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