Texts After 10PM

I didn’t sleep last night. I instead chose to go for a run. Then I cleaned the tub for a bath (it hasn’t been cleaned in a while because everyone’s been showering – come to think of it we’ve all been showering so that we wouldn’t have to wash the tub. What a bunch of lazy bastards we are!) and relaxed for a few precious moments.

Then court and workandschoolandsurpriseinterviewsGOD THE STRESS MOUNTS!!

I would have sold my first-born dragon for a Klonopin today (new fan joke).

After the stress of court and work and school I found myself strangely in the mood to talk to someone. Talk to anyone. But no one was there to talk to. I wandered around campus for a while. Literally wandered. No point or purpose. No plan. No focus. Just wandered.

Finally I decided to go the Special Student Services Department hoping to find someone I could relate to.

I found him. I like him.

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