The 10 Things For Which I Am Responsible

My only responsibilities are to:

  1. Pay my AT&T bill
  2. Repay student loan payments
  3. Make credit card payments
  4. Feed and clothe myself
  5. Complete my schoolwork
  6. Express gratitude and appreciation for the support of my family and friends
  7. Clean up after myself and contribute to the care-taking of the house for as long as I live at home
  8. Treat my peers with respect
  9. Treat my body with respect, as well as maintain my emotional well-being
  10. Give help and support to others when it is possible and not not harmful to myself to do so

I give. I give a lot. I always suspected I gave too much. Now I realize I’ve actually only given in the wrong ways.

Stop Rescuing

I won’t continue taking responsibility for anything that is not listed above at this point in my life. Giving to people at my own inconvenience before or whether they even ask for it leads to me resenting those I help. Instead of assuming I know what people want and need and breaking my back to give it to them, I must learn to say, “what is it I can do for you?”

Stop Care-taking

I won’t take on the responsibilities of anyone else. It does not help them to take away that aspect of their self-control. I will continue to give support to any and everybody that asks it of me, so long as it does not interfere with any of the responsibilities outlined above. My first responsibility will always be to myself, second to my family, and third to my peers and community.

This is my pledge to myself. This is my pledge to you.

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