I miss my cat. I miss my family. I miss my bed. I miss being able to go anywhere and eat anything and charge my phone in my own room and use my own computer.

I’m so irritated today. I woke up around 3:30pm. 3 hours later and I’m back in bed.

I haven’t had many thoughts today, but I have been thinking a lot today:

  • My head doesn’t hurt yet. I wish it would so I could just get it over with.
  • I need to register for next semester. I wish people would stop kicking me off the computer, especially when the next words out of their unworldly mouths are always “How do you get to the Internet on this?” (I always respond “use a web browser,” and walk away, knowing full well they have no clue what that means.)
  • How is it possible to feel dizzy in your elbows?
  • The nurses here are bitches. They weren’t yesterday. But today I had a terrible urge to draw on the walls, spill my food, overflow the sink, anything to make their job harder. I haven’t. But damn, I want to.
  • I want to go to the gym. Why is there no gym here? It’s a hospital. People should try to get healthy. At least show me to a treadmill.
  • Wish I had someone to talk to.

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